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There are several facet designs that have a "star" cut!  Some Dealers may even call them the "Lone Star Cut"
There is ONLY ONE OFFICIAL LONE STAR CUT, the one designated, with specific cutting instructions, by the Texas State Legislature as
the Official State Gemstone Cut of Texas.

Other designs may have a star in the design, but
there are major differences in appearance.
The Lone Star Cut was specifically designed for the
maximum brilliance of the star.
Here's why:
 It's easy to cut a star in the bottom of a stone.  The problem
is to make the star the main feature that you see.
1.Some designs don't polish the star.  So the star doesn't reflect?  That's right!
This kind of defeats the purpose of a brilliant stone, doesn't it?
2.  Some designs polish the star, but to make it discernable from all the other
reflections hiding it, they cut an unpolished border around the star.
Same result as (1), but it still doesn't solve the problem of making the
star the MOST visible reflection.
3.  The Lone Star Cut utilizes a simple idea from physics called a corner reflector.  One of these
was placed on the Moon by our astronauts so scientists on Earth could reflect a laser beam
back to Earth.  An ordinary mirror wouldn't be reflective enough.
The star in the Lone Star Cut is cut to a very precise angle that makes it a corner reflector.  You just
can't get a fully polished stone to reflect more light.
This results in a star that is much more visible than the other reflections in the stone and stands
out brilliantly from a distance!  You don't have to play "find the star".
THAT is why we feel our design is the best on the market today.
After all, the Texas Legislature selected it to be the
"Official State Gemstone Cut of Texas".

The Lone Star Cut is a deep cut by its very design
and requires a deep stone mounting.
 For this reason a Lone Star Cut Stone
usually will not fit in a regular mount.

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Side view of Lone Star Cut 12mm Blue Topaz

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