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New Items
currently unavailable-I no longer manufacture or cast mountings*
For Examples only

"Heartstar" pendant
14K mount 40X26mm
Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz 8ct,10.5mm

Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\lspendantweb.jpg
Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\ay 004.jpg        

 Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\az 007.jpg     Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\crs1 002.jpg                 

                                                                 10mm 5.5ct in 14K gold                           9.5mm 4.5ct in 14K gold                   7.5mm 2.5ct  in .925 Sterling

Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\pearpendantD.jpg         Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\txpendant.jpg

                                                                                                10.5mm 6ct in 14K white gold              8.5mm 3.5ct in 14KY gold



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