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My violins I hand-craft of the finest aged spruce, maple and other fine woods,
then carefully graduate for the best tones, treat and varnish with my own oil varnish recipe.  
The tailpieces, nuts, saddles and bridges I handmake from local woods or carbon fiber.

 5-string violins now available, 4-month wait currently with
Mesquite back, sides, and neck!
I also make 4 and 5 string Carbon Fiber violins, photos soon.

If you are interested in trying one of these, please contact me at:


Violin 1
Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\Professional_Violins_files\vio2front.jpg          Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\Professional_Violins_files\vio2back.jpg
Violin 1
Description:  Guarnerius style, aged spruce top, well-flamed maple,
fully lined and blocked
Warm tones, resonant, clear and projective, good sustain
Rich amber-colored oil varnish
Handmade tailpiece, nut, saddle and bridge
Thomastik Vision® strings, antique Champion® pegs
  From $2000 up


5-String Mesquite ViolinDescription: 5string FB.jpg

Description: 5stringneck.jpg

Custom made to order

Back, sides, and neck hand crafted from Texas Mesquite
Top is highest quality tuned aged (over 50 yr) spruce
Perfection geared pegs-- no fine tuners needed!
Handmade tailpiece, nut, saddle and bridge
Purfling is two-layer: tarnish-free Sterling silver
and proprietary graphite fiber composite
Vibrational pattern-tuned back and belly
From $3000+
Allow 3-4 months  construction time

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