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Rings and Crosses
These are examples of some of my custom designs
in rings.

*I no longer cast or manufacture mountings, or mount stones

See your local jeweler for mounting*
For design ideas and  Lone Star Cut
stones, see
New Items

Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\ladies_ring.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\mans_ring.jpg
Lady's ring 14K gold                                            Men's heavy 14K gold ring
9mm, 4ct blue topaz                                                12mm, 10ct blue topaz
Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\openwork1.jpg  Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\openwork2.jpg

14K White Gold openwork
10mm,  6ct Lone Star Cut

Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\topaz_cross.jpgDescription: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\crossback.jpg
Blue topaz cross, 4matched stones, front and back
14K mount


Description: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Gary'sGemswebsite\rough_topaz.jpg
Example colors of blue topaz
from left to right:
0=colorless (not shown)
1=pale blue (limited quantities, not treated!)
2=sky blue
3=medium blue
4=medium dark
5=dark blue (limited, star obscured by dark color)

 *Note--Mason, Texas topaz is only found in 0 (colorless) or rarely 1 or 2 (pale-sky blue)

All designs and pictures are copyrighted 2006-2015 and are the sole property of Gary's Gems.